Ramos Ferreira is a solid Busines Group that works in the Engineering and MEP Installations of the Construction Sector. 

It is a reference group of the sector, both nationally and internationally, and offers a global customer solution covering the various phases of the project - Design, Installation and Facilities Management. In all phases it has the following competences: Electricity, HVAC, Telecommunications, Security, BMS, Water and Sewage Lifts, Industrial refrigeration, Gas and Fire Protection. It is present in several countries of Europe, Asia and Africa, diversifying in some of these countries their areas of business.


La The Management System Policy of RAMOS FERREIRA reflects its mission, vision and values, and is based on a set of guiding principles:



Guiding Principles :

- Continuously improve the efficiency of the RAMOS FERREIRA Management System complying with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards and with applicable legal and other requirements;

- Increase the satisfaction of customer requirements and exceed the expectations of Clients and other interested parties;

- Increase the Commitment of People, promoting their professional and personal development and the adequacy of their competencies to the functions they perform;

- Disclose the Management System Policy to all stakeholders;

- Identify, assess and control the risks to OSH by promoting the prevention of injuries and damage to the health of employees, service providers, and other stakeholders;

- Ensure the consultation and participation of employees in matters of Quality, Environment, Safety and Health at Work;

- Ensure data  protection and confidentiality of network information of customers, suppliers, partners and employees;

- Increase profitability and lower costs;

- Increase business areas and international presence;

- Ensure compliance with compliance obligations;

- Provide adequate resources for the establishment and revision of quality, environmental, OSH and SI goals and targets;

- Identify, evaluate and minimize environmental impacts and ensure the protection of the environment.