Project and consulting. Global service with a human face, integrating technicians with experience in large projects and special installations.
MEP Installations
Offering a global engineering service to all the countries where the Group is implemented, with the same proximity posture as always.
Facilities Management
The Management and Maintenance Service of the Ramos Ferreira Group is a door open to all its customers, a support channel on a permanent basis.
The Ramos Ferreira Factory is the result of the experience accumulated over the years and a dynamic and highly qualified team.
Project Earth
Project Earth implements solutions that effectively balance development and sustainability.
Asset Management
Asset Management promotes convenience, practicality and a conventional experience, ensuring quality services for all residents and users.


Focused on the needs of its clients as well as to the offer of a premium service in the Engineering area, Ramos Ferreira Angola has been committed in the area of Metal Sheet Processing for the HVAC Industry. This is another step for the diversifcation of the Group activity areas.


Ramos Ferreira Duct Factory is a result of the experience accumulated during years and also of a highly qualifed and dynamic team. Equipped with the most modern technology, it is dedicated to a service focused on excellence, without playing down the proximity which is already known. It is on this basis that Ramos Ferreira establishes strong and lasting bonds with each client.
Through all steps of the process – metal sheet processing, site analysis, transportation and installation - it ensures the production of ducts in galvanized metal sheet in various shapes 
and thicknesses:

• Rectangular/Round Duct;
• Transverse Flange Installed with Corner Pieces;
• Flexible Joints;
• Registers and Vanes;
• Collars, Taps and Bird Screen Outputs;
• Plenum for Grills and Diffusers;
• Rectangular/Round Transformation;
• Corners.

Ramos Ferreira knows how to identify market gaps and seeks to give them the most proper response in an always proactive posture. Thus, it is with an experienced and dynamic team that the Group has been exploring and developing products for MEP Installations.