| 20/10/2016

Excellens Civitas Award 2016

<p><br />Ramos Ferreira Angola awarded the Prize Excellens Civitas 2016.<br />This is an initiative promoted by the Eduardo dos Santos Foundation (FESA), in partnership with Price Water House Coopers (PwC), which aims to recognize and distinguish Angolan companies with the best corporate responsibility practices, which have helped to improve the sustainability of communities in which they operate.<br />The Gala took place on 20 in Luanda and beyond the Ramos Ferreira were distinguished other companies like Odebrecht also in the Engineering and Construction sector, Keve Bank in the Banking sector, Unicargas in the transport sector and logistics and the company Catoca in commitment category. They were also awarded honorable mentions to Ensa companies in the insurance sector, Sistec in the technology sector, information and communication, Bicelang / BEEP project to the category of social initiative and Angola Cables for environmental initiative. BP was considered the Best National Company.<br /> <br />It is an honor to receive this distinction with a theme os noble as the Corporate Responsibility and to share it with companies so reputable that support, like us, the development of Angola. This is and will always be a mission together.<br /> <br />We thank the organizers of this initiative and our employees who take on this mission not only in Angola, but also in all countries where the Group operates.</p>